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Re: The Spirit of Theosophy

Jun 17, 1996 11:06 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 05:13 PM 6/17/96 -0400, you wrote:
>There seems to have something about that period that made it impossible for
>people to act except in mobs.  Whoever screamed the loudest got the votes of
>the marching morons with shovels.
>We are more likely to get mad at such people and I think the fragmentation of
>society has done much for freedom.  It makes it very difficult (though not
>yet impossible) for a demogogue to get very far.
>Do you remember the MTV ncsa a few years back.  It had footage of Hitler,
>Mussolini, STalin and the Mad Mullah and then the voice over said that the
>founding fathers came up with a way to keep idiots like that from running the
>The diversity, or should I say multiversity which is happening in not only
american Society but European society as well, is the best thing that's
happened in a long time. If you'll notice the "Freemen", "Patriots" and
"Militias" are uniformly Wasp with a sprinkling of White Northern European
Catholics as well.

Now the big problem is to convince the citizens of this country to vote in
very large numbers! Americans have got to comprehend that an unexercised
franchise is one that is soon lost! Sure they could vote after 1933 in
Germany, and they could vote in The Soviet Union but it sure wasn't a
franchise. Most European elections have at least 94% of the voters
exercising their franchise, has America ever had a turn-out that good. In
1996 most eligible voters didn't vote and the result was a minority (21
%)swept Gingrich and his white trash buddies into power.

This by the way is far more important than theosophy!


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