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Re: Future of Theosophical Society - FAQ

Jun 17, 1996 09:10 PM
by M K Ramadoss (M K Ramadoss) wrote:

> Excerpt From: 	The Key to Theosophy - H. P. Blavatsky
> 	        ISBN 0-911500-07-3
> ------------------------------------------------------

> THEO:	I do not refer to technical knowledge of the esoteric
>        doctrine,  though  that  is  most  important; I spoke
>        rather of the great need which our successors in  the
>        guidance of  the Society  will have  of unbiased  and
>        clear   judgment.   Every   such   attempt   as   the
>        Theosophical Society has  hitherto ended in  failure,
>        because, sooner or later,  it has degenerated into  a
>        sect, set up hard-and-fast dogmas of its own, and  so
>        lost  by  imperceptible  degrees  that vitality which
>        living truth alone can impart. You must remember that
>        all our members have been bred and born in some creed
>        or  religion,  that  all  are  more  or less of their
>        generation   both   physically   and   mentally,  and
>        consequently that their judgment is but too likely to
>        be warped and unconsciously biassed by some or all of
>        these influences. If, then, they cannot be freed from
>        such inherent bias, or  at least taught to  recognize
>        it instantly and so avoid  being led away by it,  the
>        result can only be that the Society will drift off on
>        to some  sandbank of  thought or  another, and  there
>        remain a stranded carcass to moulder and die.

	This is a very strong statement by HPB. Let us see what is happening
in the United States.

1. We now have in place a rule that all new branches are put on
probation. Even though Theosophy was not defined any where in the
objects of TS, the National President (and Board of Directors) are
going to sit in judgement on the activities of the new branch to see
if it activities conform to the Theosophy as defined by them. If not,
the charter would be withdrawn.

2. Even in HPB or AB's time there was no formal certification of
member's on their knowledge of Theosophy. Now there is a certificate
in Theosophy is being issued. The faculty consists of the National
President and a score of PhD's. So after satisfactory indoctrination
you can get the certificate to show that you have learnt Theosophy as
defined by the current administration. I see soon a day will come when
it will become a de facto unwritten requirement to hold any office.

3. New dogma of some inner objectives have been recently invented by
the TSA. How this invention was done is a mystery.

4. The national bylaws were amended to give power to excommunicate
members (ie. cancel their membership even if they are life members)
and seize properties of lodges after cancelling the charter. This is
typical of any organization with a dogmatic religious orientation.

5. National Bylaws were amended in total violation of the state law
and well established democratic procedures and using electioneering

6. In recent national elections, retroactive disenfranchisement of
voters was carried out.

7. Secrecy - when some inquiries are made on some important and simple
issues, the normal response was some unsatisfactory answer. No
straight simple open responses.

> ....clip....

Peace to all living beings.

      M K Ramadoss

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