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To MIke Grenier, re Theosophy becoming a religion

Jun 18, 1996 02:02 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>For me, I'm too ignorant to *know* which truths from among
>those proclaimed are actually true. Its easier to fall back
>on HPB then to discover the additional truths on one's own.

Dear Mike,

The point is not that you may be ignorant, but that you have as fine a sense
of what sounds true to you as does anyone else. Your ignorance may be that
you've only read very few Theosophical books, but your wisdom is that, as a
human being, you can ascertain exactly what fits into your scheme of things.
Whatever Theosophy you espouse, the purpose of it is that it fits into your
scheme of things, not the other way around.


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