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Re: TSA bad Karma

Jun 16, 1996 07:48 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, John E. Mead wrote:

> hi -
> I have a question:
> what should TSA or Adyar do to relieve/remove their karmic bounds
> and past problems?  seriously,  can they?  if not,  then what
> is their future?
> karmic problems include:
> AB and CWL

	1. In spite of all the discussion that goes on here, I do not see
AB and CWL as really a Karmic Problem at all. Both have helped thousands
and thousands of people both in and outside the TS which has helped the
individuals immensely. In India, where I lived several decades, both are
still heroes for those who know about them. As for CWL, his greatest
contribution is the discovery of Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti has helped
thousands and thousands of people to better understand themselves and
their relationships with our fellow humans. AB also shares an equal
amount of good Karma in that she was totally convinced of the future role
K is going to play in the world and supported in every way she can. It is
to be pointed out that (1) discovery of Krishnaji took place after couple
of years after CWL came back as a member of TS after the complaints about
his advise to some of boys and (2) Much of the objections to CWL came
from the British and American Sections and all other Sections supported
his comeback to TS. On the balance apart from all the messages etc we see
on AB and CWL, the real Karma is on the good side of TS.

> TSA/Adyar secrecy/conspiracy

	I think on the secrecy question a joint effort should be made
from the Lodges and must be brought to the attention of Radha Burnier and
John Algeo. Without a unified feedback, nothing is going to happen.  I
have not seen any conspiracy yet.  The secrecy may come from the fact
that there may be a thinking from the hierarchical school that the top
person should be trusted and in some cases some may feel they are
inspired decisions so everyone should support them.

	It is the lack of two-way open and up and down communication that
is missing.

	Let us try to address these head on and see what happens. I am
confident if we but try, we can get some results.

 > my question is trying to address what it really takes (i.e.
actions > in the physical plane) to put things straight for the future.
> peace -
> john e. mead
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    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

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