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Re: Theosophy as a Thesaurus?

Jun 10, 1996 01:18 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 11:03 PM 6/9/96 -0400, you wrote:

>Quite so.  It is important to preserve her writings *as writings* and
>not "holy writ."  One of the great occultists in history, I am told, was
>Cornelius Agrippa, who wrote three books on Occult Philosophy.  I read
>his work in the 17th century edition in 1956-7.  Some of it is good,
>some of it is awful.  There is no Saint Cornelius, and we do not need a
>Saint Helena Blavatsky, however much we may respect her and her work.

Belive me, not only do I agree but I assure you no one would be more
horrified to be sanctified than the "elephant woman".
>As you say elswhere, Alexis, some may join Theosophy International
>(caps. for name of org.) - maybe Richard Ihle will one day succumb!

Give him time, give him time.
>All Hail!
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age


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