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Jun 08, 1996 05:19 AM
by Martin_Euser

Kay Ziatz>
Are western theosophists acquainted with conception of egregores?
I'm not sure because i haven't read in theosophical books about it.
I assume a large thoughtform which is formed by a collective thinking
of a some community, like poltitcal party, religion or even Theosophical
Society :)  Each member feeds an egregor by his thoughts and gets in
return a protection. Egregore, of course, don't wanna lose his members
because they feed him. And a man can participate in different egregores,
but they should not be enemies to each another.

Kay: some Rosicrucian organizations work with the 'egregore'.
     It's a kind of collective thoughtform as you say and often
     associated with the mystical 'Rosy Cross'. I know because
     I was a member of a Rosicrucian organization in the past.
     Rosicrucians are supposed to meditate on, place their consciousness
     in the egregore (it's supposed to help them attune to higher states
     of consciousness)..

     About the power of thought I can say this: it certainly is a factor
     in becoming rich, but it's more complicated than just being part of
     an egregore.


BTW, in one of your posts you mentioned Max 'Haindel'. His name is:
Max Heindel. An important figure in one of the Rosicrucean Fellowships.
There's even a webpage with many of his writings..

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