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Re: TI has a lot of work to do?

Jun 08, 1996 05:19 AM
by Martin_Euser

Alan>Major questions!  I subscribed to alt-theosophy, but traffic so far is

Alan: true, but we haven't really started there yet because of the technical
problems some of us have in posting to that newsgroup.
BTW, I noticed Daniel's posting there made through the Altavista
web-to-usenet interface. It might be possible that this interface is
consistently available now, I'll check that for the next couple of weeks.
Anyway, I've registered news:alt.theosophy with a couple of searchengines
and suspect that the Altavista interface will be workable within, say,
four weeks or so, once the guys there have 'approved' the registration.

If things go like planned than everybody with a browser can post to
alt.theosophy within a month. Then it would be a good idea to post a message
to some newsgroups, inviting participation in alt.theosophy discussions.
I submit that it might be a good idea if we had some topics prepared
for discussion (if we invite people), like:

. the history (and future) of mystical/esoterical practices and study
. the pagan origins of Christianity
. what can Theosophy/theosophy mean for current civilization(s)?

Alan>I agree that TI has a lot of work to do, but will the members get
together and do it?

Alan: that depends whether we have a clear vision of TI's goals
and how to give form and substance to further these goals

Alan> Ideally TI needs its own Web page with its own
links and its own Web identity - like "" or "".

Alan: I could ask Rene Mueller to provide some webspace for TI
He has already many articles about Theosophy and links to Theosophical
organizations, so I see no reason why TI would not fit into that.

Alan>For TI to really make an impact needs work done by its members, and some
sort of income or sponsorship.  Sponsorship would be best in some ways,
so long as the sponsor(s) did not want to control what was put out.

Alan: there is no need for sponsors (though if somebody would like to donate
money to it I wouldn't object..). If we can use webspace provided by others
why not use it. is an initiative by Rene Mueller and he is
willing to 'house' any information pertaining to spiritual affairs, I think.
His site attracts a good number of people daily.

JRC>	Before even really beginning such an endeavor, however, there is
a deeper issue to take up: What is out *intent* in putting the time and
energy into "TI Web"? What, *specifically*, do we hope to accomplish? Who
do we want to reach? What do we wish them to do when we reach them? *Who*
will answer questions, and how will they be answered .
<many other relevant questions deleted>

John: TI is just developing. It's a concept right now. I guess it will take
      a lot of time for TI members to discuss (and agree) on the questions
      you raise. I understand that theos-buds is a forum for that?

JRC>We must also remember that the Web requires a very specific sort
of presentation to be successful - think of it as the computing version
of "channel - surfing" on a TV. *Most* who cruise the Web visit dozeens
of sites every time they log on. .

John: would you like to write some introductory material (in HTML)
      for TI?

JRC>  ..define what they want to accomplish, and in the rare cases where
desired outcomes are vaguely defined, never check to see whether the
outcomes have been
accomplished - and I'd hate to see TI fall prey to that trait).

John: one of the things I would like TI to accomplish is to present a clear
      picture of the history of esotericism/mysticism/occultism/theosophy
      (rather than Theosophy) *throughout the ages* to a potentially large
audience. I know that Alexis is interested in this history too.
      My personal opinion is that this kind of presentation, combined with
      comparitive study of the diverse writings and sayings of
mystics/occultists/esotericists, could be of great service to many
      seekers, because it shows the incessant strive of many humans to gain
      Self-knowledge (knowledge of the spiritual) and the many ways to do so.

      This kind of thing belongs to the second (and third) object and has
been        neglected too long by the various TSs, I think.



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