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Re: Voting Tally Info - Update

Jun 07, 1996 04:56 PM
by ramadoss


Here is an update on the subject. Here follows a reply from John Algeo,
National President and my response to it.

I will update you all when I hear from him

	M K Ramadoss


[Mailed by USPS] John Algeo's Letter to MKR:

Wednesday, May 29, 1996

Dear Mr. Ramadoss:

	I am acquainted with the Illinois statutes to which you refer, and we are
happy to observe them. They do not, however, appear to require an
organization to send information by fax to someone who wants it.

	In your communication by your favored media of fax and e-mail, you might
keep in mind some words from HPB that turned up on my desk this morning:

-------Excerpt from HPB - BCW 9:245------

Sincerely yours,

John Algeo
National President
Comment by MK Ramadoss:

I have not listed the full text of the excerpt from HPB. If anyone is
interested in it, I can post it here or e-mail it.


MKR's Reply to John Algeo:

June 5, 1996 10:45 AM

John Algeo
National President
Theosophical Society in America
Wheaton IL

Dear Brother:

	I have received your letter of May 29, 1996 mailed by you by USPS.

	I am very glad to note your statement "I am acquainted with the Illinois
statutes to which you refer, and we are happy to observe them."

	The Illinois Non Profit Corporation Act provides the access to Books and
Records of TSA by me or my agent for any purpose. In my last letter I had
appointed you and William N Greer as my agents so that you and William N
Greer as my agents can access the information details I am seeking and send
them to me. Since, in your letter,  you have not mentioned anything about
this aspect, it appears that neither you nor William N Greer are willing to
do it. If I am wrong on this please let me know.

	If you and/or William N Greer are not willing to act as my agent and send
me the information, then the only option that is left for me is for me to
fly down to Olcott personally or send my agent to do it. If this is to be
done, it would be in the interests of everybody if we can come up with a
mutually acceptable protocol or procedure so that full access to books and
records (for the election tally and any other purpose) of TSA is provided to
myself and/or my agent in compliance with the Illinois Non Profit
Corporation Act. Developing such protocol/procedure will also help in any
future requests that you may receive from other members of TSA. Your
immediate attention in letting me know the procedure/protocol will be highly

	Thanks for your quotes from HPB. As for my personal preference for e-mail
and FAX, the reasons behind are simple and few. Firstly they are the most
efficient, cost effective means of written communication and also save trees
and other natural resources. As for e-mail, the incremental cost of sending
e-mail is Zero. As I pay a fixed fee for unlimited Internet access (which is
the current norm in Internet Access), I can send and receive unlimited
e-mail messages at no additional cost. So every time I send a e-mail to any
address anywhere in the world, I avoid the cost of paper copy, mailing and
postage of atleast 32 cents each. Messages sent abroad result in more
significant savings in postage. As for FAX also, the differential savings in
cost is at least 32 cents postage. I watch my expenses on my correspondence
as all the expenditures come out of my personal funds and I want the funds I
have to be put to use with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

	In this connection it would like to mention that that I had occassions to
FAX messages to Adyar (which has FAX access) and I have had an occassion to
receive a FAX response from Bro. Radha Burnier, our International President.

	I hope you can provide me with a (1) a quick response and (2) by FAX.

	With regards and fraternal greetings,


				M K Ramadoss

	Peace to all living beings.

	M K Ramadoss

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