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Re: Two general questions

Jun 06, 1996 04:11 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 05:04 PM 6/6/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear friends in Theosophy,
>When you reveal to others that you have chosen the path of Theosophy, what
>do you find to be the general (if there is one in your case) reaction to be?

Well I hate to admit it but the basic and most common reaction is "Huh?" and
unfortunately my primary associations socially are with the alternative
religious community. Another reaction is: "Is that some kind of religion?"
>Also, how would you, when asked to define it, explain it in an 'compact,
>cocktail-party' kind of way?  Is it even possible to do so?  (I tried
>quoting the Three Declared Objects and the Theosopical World View - they
>tend, for me, to bring blank looks upon the listeners - perhaps too wordy
>for the situation)

My "short form" definition is this: "It's a philosophy that encourages
personal investigation of life and reality."
>Note:  One individual who discovered I followed Theosophy has made it a
>mission to rescue me from this "demon-worshipping cult."  Seems Theosophy is
>not appreciated in some very recent Christian literature.  I was surprised
>about the number of books (given to me by this individual) addressing
>Theosophy with loathing.
There's a web page on Neo-Paganism (sponsored by the Christian Radical
Right) which equates theosophy with some organizations that are really
awful, like the Nazis.


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