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Re: Core Teachings (to Chuck)

Jun 06, 1996 03:58 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>If one likes core teching stuff, it's harmless enough.
	Yes, it is.  Its all exoteric and directed at newbies
to hold their attention.  I just read the stats on newbies joining
"new religions or cults" and it is that the average leaves after
2 years.  Thats probably true for Theosophy as well.  The idea
is to give them something to sink their teeth into that will
still have some taste left after two years of mastication.

> Whenever someone asks
>me what theosophists believe in I say that that varies , we have no central
>belief other than humans are capable of spiritual evolution, however many
>ways we define it and then we argue from there.
	Right.  The normal result today is an argument.  We see
this very clearly on theos-l.

>We also believe in divine wisdom, but as few of us are divine (I know, I come
>close, you don't have to remind me) we haven't got the foggiest notion of
>what it is.
	According to some stats I came across, 30% to 40%
of the general public in the USA have had a mystical experience.  Also,
the phenomenon of Kundalini rising automatically is increasing.  In
fact,  psychism is on the rise so much that the DSM IV has now
included "spiritual emergence",  "spiritual emergency" as well
as "spiritual problem" into its domain (on Axis V, I believe).  You can
now go to a shrink or therapist with a psychic or spiritual problem
and be covered.  All of this shows the need for a theosophical
approach to helping these people  (which is what JRC has been

>Then after they stop laughing I can try to explain the concept of the Search.
	I agree that the Search is an important concept.  But
there are so many approaches to it, that any discussion is certain
to end in arguments and shouts of anger.  The idea of core teachings
is an attempt to reduce the arguments and in-fighting that is going
on today within the theosophical community.  The advantage is
greater harmony.  The disadvantage is less freedom of thought.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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