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Re: Krishnaji

Jun 04, 1996 08:13 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

At 09:12 PM 6/4/96 -0400, you wrote:
>        I don't think any one can be certain about whether he is the
>returned Christ or not. If he is the returned Christ, then you have the
>problem of the religions like Hindu, Buddhism, Moslem etc rejecting him
>because it is not their prophet or Avatar who is returning. Just a thought.
>If he really the returned Christ he would have had severe problems from the
>various Christian denominations all over world - some accepting and some

I admit that I do have rather strong opinions about this controversial question.

When I was a budding seeker I read a few of his books. I took them quite
seriously, and "worked" with the message, sometimes sentence by sentence,
spending time contemplating what was said. It had a remarkable effect on me.
It was like my psychological makeup was being taken apart, like my brain was
being dissolved into minute pieces without any apparant relationship to each
other. I am sure this had some value, a restructring of values and
perceptions was perhaps taking place. In the end, though, I experienced a
hollowness, dryness and lifelessness that left me without satisfaction for
my soul's deeper longings. This impression came back in a different way when
I watched a video lecture by K many years later. What I am looking for "is
not there". There is something missing, a dimension of meaning and - a
spiritual presence that is absent.

I have come to the conclusion that AB and CWL were partially right about K -
he was a person of extraordinary spiritual attainment, with the potential of
fully realizing his Christhood in that incarnation. I think CWL and AB made
a serious mistake by deifying him and creating a cult around his person. I
also believe that he left off his path and turned his back away from his
mission - and lost his spiritual sponsorship.

This being said, I still understand and respect the fact that he has helped
many sincere seekers onward.


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