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Re: To: Bjorn R

Jun 03, 1996 08:31 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

At 10:04 AM 6/3/96 -0400, you wrote:
>        Bjorn,

>Could you please explain in a little more detail who Ballard is. I've never
>heard of him, & I suppose a number of us on theos-l haven't either. I'd
>really be interested in hearing about him. Thanks.

Hello Liesel,

Good to hear from you. At this time I don't like to post this to the group,
mostly because I don't want to deal with Alexis' reactions.

But I will come up with something and Email to you, privately. Maybe I'll
post it too, I don't know.

The major problem is that I don't know what to write, since your question
deserves an answer that gives more information than a quick email can do. He
was a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, working primarily under
Saint Germain. The teaching emphasizes the Presence of God within us, they
call it the "I AM Presence", and they give specific techniques for using its
Light and Power for individual and world transformation. Dictations were
given by several Ascended Masters. These were not channelings, as have
become so popular lately. Please read this page

that explains the fallacy of channeling and psychism.

>One of the most humorous aspects of the New Age movement has been
>the race by psychics and channels to out-do each other in claiming contact
>with high souls. While one channeler regularly has tea with the Mahatmas,
>another psychic decides to go it one better and channel God (as if there
>were such a person!) This has forced other channels and mediums into
>making up imaginary names of deities from distant, imaginary solar
>systems in order to produce a plethora of high, non-competingGods so
>each can preserve a somewhat unique niche for their own channeling
>A channeler is nothing more than a medium with a fancy name. All the
>great metaphysical leaders have spoken out strongly against this growing
>tide of psychism. Blavatsky, Roerich, Hilarion, Manly Palmer Hall--all
>agree that psychism is a huge blight on the phantasmagorical world of
>psychic phenomena. In fact, mediums (read: channels) have often been
>referred to by the Ancient Wisdom as "Inns for disembodied liars."

How Ballard was trained and several of his retreat experiences are described
in "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence". Fascinating accounts,
unparallelled in the field of spiritual literature.

Since this movement more emphasizes active work for personal and planetary
transformation than intellectual understanding of umpteen details of the
cosmic order it may appear "simple" compared to Theosophy. But the energies
and the light that comes through it will readily convince the sensitive
seeker more than a hundred intellectually advanced books could do.

I will be happy to try to answer any question or help you find the above
mentioned books, should you be interested (they are available through most
metaphysical book stores). I am not a member of this organization but I have
benefitted immensly from the more direct contact with my own God Self that I
have been helped to and the closer walk with the Masters also.

God Bless You!


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