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Re: Heroes and heroines

Jun 03, 1996 03:02 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, alexis
dolgorukii <> writes
>>The following letter from Mrs. Besant appeared in "The Theosophic
>>Messenger" in April, 1904:

[quote omitted]
>And what an absolutely fascinating letter it is! It could have been written
>by Blavatsky herself it's so open and frank. Now, I must begin to wonder: If
>it is in fact as sincere as it seems to be, then what in heaven's name
>happened to the woman between 1904 and her death in 1933?
>When I look at Mrs. Besant in her robes of Office, I can only wonder how it
>came to pass that the woman who wrote this wonderfully wise letter could
>have permitted herself to be transmogrified into a veritable "Pope of
>It is simply stupefying to realize that her predictions as to what would
>occur if she was to be "iconized" have come so completely true.
>I certainly think a discussion of how the total change came about is worthy
>of our time. What do you think Alan?

Well, this is a start on some research, and there will possibly be other
letters.  The one I posted was reproduced by the editor(s) of "The
Theosophic Voice" in 1908.  This only went to three issues (in Chicago).
Most of its content was taken up with the CWL affair, his resignation
from the T.S. and later reinstatement.  I have some more reading to do,
as I have the temporary loan of all three issues.

All being well, more historical material will arrive in Bristol on
Wednesday ...

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