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re: attention: Liesel and Alexis

Jun 03, 1996 02:03 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Alexis writes:

>...but I will also never be silenced on a subject I consider to
>be of paramount importance to the future of theosophy. If
>Theosophy is to have a future, we have to clean up our past, and
>CWL is an important part of that past.

Here is the rub.  Here we are in a theosophical discussion group
which should imply a freedom to explore theosophical subjects in
all of its aspects.  The only limitation I remember reading when
I joined was that we are supposed to be considerate to others on
the list.  To me, this rule means that we are not supposed to
hurl insults at each other.  That is a reasonable request IMO.
But if this rule also means that we cannot discuss certain
theosophically relevant subjects if some subscribers object to
them, then we are in deep trouble.

Over the past years, I discussed some of the issues concerning
CWL in some depth on theos-l.  I did so because, like Alexis, I
believe that a frank discussion and exploration of the activities
and teachings of this man should be a legitimate topic of
discussion on theos-l, not to mention TSA.  I had hoped that the
discussions would stimulate some thinking and questions among the
readers concerning the past and future direction of the TS.
After all, when the TS was formed, it was meant to be an
organization where people were brought together by their desire
to seek for truth.  I think this is still a noble cause.  But
today, the TS is predominately a membership which has no idea
what is going on and apparently goes to extreme efforts to avoid
knowing.  There are others who live in a fantasy world of
theosophical lore about neighboring planets populated by little
green men, a "smiling" solar logos who is in charge of this
planet, and rocks that fall in love with little boys who sit on
them.  The TS over the past 100 years has indeed become a
confused mess and there doesn't seem to be enough people
interested in theosophy in its original sense who want to get to
the bottom of that confusion.  IMO the apathy,  denial and self
imposed ignorance of the majority of the membership is more to
blame for the failure of the TS than all of the bad and/or
ineffective leaders and policies put together.  After over thirty
years of fighting apathy and getting burned by those in power who
are threatened by change, I've come to the point where I fully
understand that famous line: "Frankly, Miss Scarlet, I don't give
a damn."

But if there are two or three people on this list who are willing
to discuss CWL's effect on the TS, and this discussion is
motivated from an intellectual integrity--a desire for truth, and
they are willing to stand up to the aggressive and passive-
aggressive abuses of those who do not wish this subject to be
discussed, I would be more than happy to join in and add
considerably more information beyond what I had contributed in
the past--that is, once this topic progresses to the point where
I had last left off.

The only weapon we have against ignorance is knowledge.


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