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re: "Isis Unveiled" question

Jun 03, 1996 10:27 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>Am I understanding "correctly" when Ms. Blavatsky states that
>incarnation into the physical more than once is an exception,
>rather than the rule? That surprised me; I have read a bit about
>theosophy but hadn't come across that viewpoint.

Blavatsky in ISIS UNVEILED is speaking of the reincarnation of
the personality as being an exception in nature.  The concept of
reincarnation of the personality was made popular at that time by
a French Spiritualist named Alan Kardec.  Blavatsky argues
against Kardec's concept in ISIS, but does not introduce her own
concept of reincarnation until after the teaching concerning the
principles of the human constitution are introduced.  later
introduced a different concept--reincarnation of the
individuality (spiritual ego), of which the personality is only
an ephemeral ray.  Critics of reincarnation often refer to
Blavatsky's statement in ISIS UNVEILED as evidence that HPB did
not believe in reincarnation at first and adopted it later.  But
these critics are not making that distinction that HPB clearly
made in ISIS UNVEILED--the personality vs the individuality.

>I had read
>that Theosophy espouses to long periods (over 1000 years)
>between incarnations, but that would allow for many more
>incarnations than one or two.

The period between incarnations was given in the Mahatma Letters
as an average of 100 years per year of life.  The average period
between incarnations was also stated to be about 1500 years.
Since HPB taught that the fifth root race (i.e. fifth stage of
human evolution) began five million years ago, that leaves time
for lots of incarnations in this period alone.

>Yet, also, the long period of
>rest between incarnations seems to go against Eastern philosophy
>which accepts even immediate re-incarnations.

Popular Hinduism also teaches that people reincarnate as animals
plants and even rocks, depending upon their "karma."  Personally,
HPB's concept of reincarnation makes more sense to me.

>Is there a publication or source which could help clarify or
>suggest a consensus to these philosophies?  Perhaps I am
>premature in my confusion - will this be addressed in "The
>Secret Doctrine?"
>Thank You,

I recommend that you read THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY next.  It will
give you an overview of HPB's teachings in a very straight
forward question and answer format.  She discusses reincarnation
and what reincarnates in some detail there.  To fully grasp the
teaching, you will need to carefully read what she says about the
human constitution in the same book.


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