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Re: Theosophy for Joe Sixpack and Theosophy for Disciples

Jun 02, 1996 09:04 PM
by Drpsionic

Living will take them away from literal interpretation.  There is no teacher
like experience and as a pentecostal friend of mine once said many years ago,
 "If doctrine conflicts with experience, go with experience."
Now Eldon is one of the lucky ones.  Obviously he managed to build up such
terrible Karma that the Lords of Karma decided to give him a lifetime off to
recover before blasting him again.  He has an idyllic life, a gorgeous wife
and I'm sure delightful children, things life has never given me and I find
it hard not to be jealous at times.  So he can afford to be a sheep.  We
wolves have it a little harder, but maybe next time we will get some rest and
can be sheep for a while.  My guess it the Joe Sixpacks will be a mixture of
sheep and wolves depending on what life had dealt them when they come to us.
 Eldon will be there to encourage the sheep and give them lots of stuff to
read and hopefully they will not be disturbed by the snoring of the wolves
when they put us to sleep regurgitating it.
We will get the wolves and turn them loose on the sheep.  It all works out in
the end.
Congratulations on finally getting the Ph.D.  That means there's still hope
for me.

Chuck the Atrocious MTI, FTSA

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