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Attention: Liesel and Alexis

Jun 02, 1996 11:05 AM
by Blavatsky Foundation

Liesel and Alexis,
In my opinion, both of you need to cool it with each other. If either one
of you wants to write spiteful things about each other, e-mail each other
privately. Please spare the rest of us!  Come on, shake hands over
cyberspace and stop those painful words.  You are both human and
apparently you two just don't relate well to each other! Alexis apologized
and I hope you Liesel will do also.  I am not taking sides and I am
not trying to be a mediator, but nothing is being gained by this
 name calling ,etc.

Why can't the two of you discuss CWL without getting into a cyberspace
fist fight?  Alexis, if you have facts on CWL, present them.  And Liesel,
if you know differently, then present the facts on  the other side.  But
can't this be
done with some cool, calm deliberation instead of what all of this has
degenerated into?  I know you probably both feel strongly about the
issue under consideration, but all this personal "back and forth" is
negative and serves no useful, constructive purpose for either one of you or
for the
rest of us.


>At 08:38 PM 6/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>At 08:08 PM 6/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>>        Thank you for your kind words. I want to add one. When Alexis
>>>decided to pick a fight with Martin Euser, he didn't even have enough
>>>respect for Martin as a person to get his last name right. He just hit out,
>>>blindly, & part of that was the misspelling of Martin's name. For shame! And
>>>that calls itself a shaman!
>>This is directed to the entire list.
>That is an example of the constant stream of invective that proceeds from
>that source. If I am constantly taking to task for ignoring her except once,
>for which I immediately apologized, then where are her responsibilities to me?
>I was, and still am under the impression that Martin's last name was EULER
>If it isn't I was wrong. But her implication that I misspelled his name out
>of malice is totally insane.
>Now, when we get down to malice, and viciousness, how do we describe calling
>another Human Being a "that"?
>I also wasn't under any impression that I had picked a fight with Martin,
>and we are having some interesting and lively discussions, with no really
>sharp disagreements that I can see.
>As far as to my qualifications to being a shaman, she has no basis of
>comparison. When she can cure the very sick (animals too) as frequently as I
>do, she can begin to judge me.
>And all this because I presume to tell the truth about someone she forbids
>me to do so about!
>Now this is an example of the "double standard" that people on this list
>exercise that I complain so bitterly about. Never, ever, not once, on this
>board have I spewed streams of invective and spite, and yet Liesel is
>sympathized with and I am castigated. For Shame indeed!

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