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Re: What are the Masters Doing?

Jun 02, 1996 00:28 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 07:20 PM 6/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, boogienation is the handle of the devotee who is giving the page to me,
>for free and the price being right I can hardly disapprove of his choice of
>Let me know how the attempt to get on the newsgroup turns out.  I'm having
>the devil's own time here.  The dark forces are surely at work and Martin is
>behind it all, curse him. :-)
>Anyway, you, I and the universe know the kind of work we really do.  What the
>hell do we care what the idiots who don't know us think?
>Besides, as we all know from reading the Mad Bishop, Karma is a mathematical
>concept.  Now if we add in the silly Wiccan idea of everything coming back
>three times, we get something like this.
>"The life of a sparrow is worth the lives of three hundred thousand people,"
>Earth First
>That being the case, for every sparrow I keep alive in the winter I get to
>kill three hundred thousand people without any karmic imbalance.
>Of course it's hokum!  That's why I just wrote it.  But as Karma as they
>define it is hokum as well, why worry about something that doesn't exist?
>In any event, I grow impatient with these fools.  I can't wait until we are
>all on alt.theosophy and they have to deal with real people.
>How fast do you think Martin can run?
>Chuck the Atrocious MTI, FTSA
You know that Martin will in all likelihood take every word you just said
totally seriously. He's Dutch (I think) and they are as entirely literal as
any German or Slav. Holland is still one of my two or three favorite places.
Dutch Boys are really good in bed!


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