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Re: Please stop this

Jun 02, 1996 00:16 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 07:11 PM 6/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I don't quite understand why people who disagree so considerably cannot
>nonetheless agree to "live and let live" in the area of disagreement and
>let go of the anger.  I would imagine (could be wrong) that as a healer
>you might find it difficult to help someone with whom you were extremely
>angry at the time.  Soon we shall have the original TS material about
>the CWL affair circa 1908 that turned up in England recently.

The thing is, Alan, I am perfectly willing to "agree to disagree" with
Leisel about CWL. But I will NOT agree to "shut up" about the subject when I
feel it's as important as it is. Believe me Alan, I'm getting information
out of France, Italy, and South America that make the pederasty a minor
fluke. What I object to highly is her constant stream of abuse and innuendo
because of my attitude towards CWL.She has gone so far as to accuse me of
"taking out my problems with my Father on CWL" which is pop psychology and
is kind of funny when you consider that the only problem I had re: my Father
was the lack of one.
>This is if course about history as much as it is about theosophy, so
>some latitude will, I hope, be allowed.  I agree, for example, with your
>other post concerning ~First Principle of Theosophy~ but would point out
>(and do) that as my own first intro to the subject this book gave me a
>head start, for all of its flaws.  Sometimes it is only by spotting the
>mistakes that we are moved to look for the truth.
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age
As to "spotting the mistakes" Oh Alan that's my favorite method of learning.
It's the Rmana Maharshi "Nehti- Nehti_" method...I have always felt one
learns more by rejecting nonsense than any other way.


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