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Re: Ruminations

Jun 01, 1996 03:45 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, alexis
dolgorukii <> writes

>Alan my question is this: I agree that Early Christianity contains valid
>mystery teachings. Cannot one find that same esoteric teaching elsewhere?
>I'm sure you know ther's nothing at all original in Christianity and all of
>it's esoteric or mystery teachings were taken from others. So why not take
>the good from a less tainted source?

Why not take from any source that's going?  Who is to define "tainted"?

>If Christianity possessed some esoteric truth that was unique to
>Christianity I would view it differently, but, you will "surprise and amaze"
>me if you can prove that Christianity possesses one single esoteric truth
>that cannot be found elsewhere.

"Prove?"  Proving *any* esoteric truth is nigh impossible.  We either
experience it or we don't.  Having experienced it, we then interpret the
experience.  Then we are quite likely to fight about the interpretation!
>>My favorite example (which I regard as a discovery, though I am probably
>>not the first to have noticed it over the centuries) will be posted for
>>your consideration in due course ...
>I await that message with baited breath. No Kidding. Some pretty famous
>theologians have tried to change my mind but no one has yet presented me
>with any definite evidence.

I am not trying to change your mind, so un-bait your breath.  The
example I have in mind depends upon other sources for its veracity,
though it stands up well as an example of "something other" on its own.
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