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Re: Discussions

Jun 01, 1996 02:29 PM
by Raul Ortegon

Could post the name of the newsgroup, please?

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996 15:24:16 -0400, m.k. ramadoss wrote:

>On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, Bjorn Roxendal wrote:
>> The question of democracy and free speech is relevant. And, just to make my
>> position clear - I am all for it.
>>>>>>mega clip >>>>>>>
>I am also a subscriber to another list - listening-l where J
>Krishnamurti's philosophy is discussed.
>That list is also unmoderated and the list owner Dirk is rarely seen,
>just like John Mead. That list also goes thru cycles of never ending
>arguments and comes back again.
>Looking at the similarities, it is very clear that we are dealing with an
>entirely new medium of communication and so what some see as problems are
>just builtin inherent nature of the medium.
>To bring Democracy with its "rules" is no no.	If anyone does not like
>this or any other list, they can easily make the choice of either lurking
>or unsubscribing. If some have exercised their choice, it is ok. It is
>their gain or loss which ever way they perceive it.
>Try to bring controls either implicitly or explicitly will only shut down
>this list. And many of us do not want to see it.
>BTW are you a member of TS (Adyar) or any other organization and which
>lodge/branch you belong to. I am just curious. You can answer if you want
>to .
>			....Ramadoss

Raul Ortegon
"To not believe is NOT to disbelieve."

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