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Re: Discussions

Jun 01, 1996 07:20 AM
by Bjorn Roxendal

The question of democracy and free speech is relevant. And, just to make my
position clear - I am all for it.

Some people on this list seem to confuse Democracy with the right to
mentally and emotionally abuse anyone who says anything they donīt agree to.
This is NOT democracy. If anything, it is Anarchy. It is clear to me and
many others on this list that this state of affairs is not necessarily
"Demochratic" nor an expression of "free speech". The effect is to shock and
scare away constructive and loving people from the list - most are not
willing to take the kind of abuse they are being subjected to here, for no
good reason. People are turning away in disgust and the cause of Theosophy -
Universal Brotherhood - is given a blow in the belly. In the minds of many
people "visiting" this list, Theosophy is going to be forever associated

With a couple of individuals tyrranizing just about everybody else, without
any restraint whatsoever, we have a situation of OPPRESSION, not freedom.
These individuals are abusing the opportunity of lawlessness to impose their
own law of the gun on everyone. The majority of people who have some moral
standards and a legitimate interest and need to discuss matters of a more or
less personal nature (having to do with the spiritual path) will not say a
word because they do not want to be ridiculed and abused as soon as they
express themselves. There is a VERY ACTIVE censorship on this list right
now. The question is not whether or not there is going to be censorship -
the question is whether or not it is going to be exercised by people like
Chuch and Alexis, who seem to be motivated by a need to hurt their sisters
and brothers, or by a list owner who upholds the standards of brotherhood
and tolerance.

At mankinds present stage of evolution democracy does not work without
rules. The list owner is hiding behind a let go attitude, although the
founding principles of this list - tolerance and respect for various beliefs
- is constantly being violated in the most shameless fashion. This makes the
list owner a part in a karma making process. Failure to uphold a minimum
standard of decency and civilty is not furthering the cause of freedom, it
is inviting a wild west condition where the fastest and biggest gun rules.
This has happened on this list and will result in many more"nice" people
turning away in disgust. 


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