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TSA Voting Tally Update

Jun 01, 1996 06:40 AM
by ramadoss


 Here is an update on the subject. The following letter was FAXED
 to John Algeo. Will keep you informed when I hear from him.



 June 1, 1996 8:15 AM

 John Algeo
 National President
 Theosophical Society in America
 Wheaton IL

                      ELECTION VOTING TALLY

 Dear Bro. Algeo:

 	It is now two weeks since this subject issue is being
 corresponded. It is almost a week since I Faxed you a long
 letter explaining how you should have no problems in sending me
 the information since the IL law is very clear on the issue of
 access to TSA information.

 	While the unrestricted disclosure of voting tally is not
 going to alter the results of the election, unrestricted access
 to the voting tally data addresses the very fundamental issue of
 member's access to TSA books and records.

 	If you agree that IL law applies to TSA, then I should have
 received the information requested by FAX which has not happened
 so far. If you think that IL law does not apply to TSA, then you
 should explain in very simple language why, so that we ordinary
 members can understand? Do you think that this is an
 unreasonable request from a member in good standing of TSA?

 	On these simple matters, I think everyone expects a quick
 and fast response. So I am still waiting for (1) quick action
 from you and (2) to receive the voting tally details by FAX

 With fraternal greetings
                                         Yours fraternally

                                         M. K. Ramadoss
                                         Member TSA
 FAXCC: William Greer,
 	National Secretary

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