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Re: Will the real Masters KH and M please stand up

Jun 01, 1996 00:21 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 07:13 PM 5/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Worse than read it.  Gerda and I have a friend who lives near Olcott and is a
>member and he is a devotee of Lizzy Prophet.  He had us over to his place to
>see a video of her and it was ridiculous!  The woman is a con artist and her
>followers are imbeciles.  It was all Gerda and I could do to hold off
>laughing until we got into the car (he is a friend after all) and then we
>both were literally doubled over for ten minutes at least.
>I haven't done that since I had club business that took me into a store for
>cross-dressers and I barely managed to keep a straight face there.
>If poor Bjorn believes in that garbage, he is going to regret being on this
>list real quick.
>Chuck the Atrocious MTI, FTSA

Oh I agree. Do you know about old man Ballard and his wife (they started the
"I am" Movement) and he went to jail for swindling altogether too many
little old ladies out of their pensions. Had some problems with his wife
too. I am amazed to find that there are people who actually respect the
man,but perhaps he's one of Lizzy Prophets "sources". Bjorn apparently
believes in his garbage too. But remember, Bjorn is a "Chela of the
Masters", so we should bow down before him. Fat chance!


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