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Feb 27, 1996 05:05 PM
by Alan

The Key to Theosophy

Text supplied by Eldon Tucker
Converted to ASCII to Alan Bain

Our Other Objects

Q.  Will you now explain the methods by which you propose to
carry out the second object?

A.  To collect for the library at our headquarters of Adyar,
Madras, and by the Fellows of their Branches for their local
libraries, all the good works upon the world's religions that we
can. To put into written form correct information upon the
various ancient philosophies, traditions, and legends, and
disseminate the same in such practicable ways as the translation
and publication of original works of value, and extracts from
and commentaries upon the same, or the oral instructions of
persons learned in their respective departments.

Q.  And what about the third object, to develop in man his
latent spiritual or psychic powers?

A.  This has to be achieved also by means of publications, in
those places where no lectures and personal teachings are
possible. Our duty is to keep alive in man his spiritual
intuitions. To oppose and counteract, after due investigation
and proof of its irrational nature, bigotry in every form,
religious, scientific, or social, and cant above all, whether as
religious sectarianism or as belief in miracles or anything
supernatural. What we have to do is to seek to obtain knowledge
of all the laws of nature, and to diffuse it. To encourage the
study of those laws least understood by modern people, the
so-called Occult Sciences, based on the true knowledge of
nature, instead of, as at present, on superstitious beliefs
based on blind faith and authority.  Popular folklore and
traditions, however fanciful at times, when sifted may lead to
the discovery of long-lost, but important, secrets of nature.
The Society, therefore, aims at pursuing this line of inquiry,
in the hope of widening the field of scientific and
philosophical observation.

Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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