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Avatars & the Brotherhood

Feb 19, 1996 12:09 PM
by Nicholas Weeks

Pandit Bhavani Shankar (1859-1936) was a disciple of Koot Hoomi. KH
wrote of him: "Bhavani stronger and fitter in many a
way more than Damodar and even our mutual `female' friend... [HPB].
Bhavani Shankar has seen me in my own physical body and he can
point out the way to others. He has been working unselfishly for
his fellowmen through the T.S..." [~Mahatma Letters~, 274 &
~Letters from the Masters~, vol. 1, 29]

The following quotes on the Occult Brotherhood and Avataras are from
lectures he gave in Calcutta in 1914. These lectures are in book form
under the title ~The Doctrine of the Bhagavad Gita~. This book may still
be in print from Concord Grove Press in Santa Barbara, California.

"The brotherhood of adepts or Jivanmuktas is as strictly a product
of Nature as a tree. It has definite and indispensable purpose and
function in the development of the human race, and this function is
to keep open the upward path through which descend light and
leading. If, on account of increase of materialism and Adharma
[vice], this spiritual connection stops, then Bhagavan Himself [the
Avatar] takes up the work of the Brotherhood and provides for the
spiritual welfare of humanity..."

"The mergence of the Jivanmukta into Ishwara [divine spirit in man]
may be likened to what may happen in the case of the sun when a
comet falls upon it; there is in the case of the sun as accession
of heat and light; so also, whenever any particular individual
reaches the highest state of spiritual culture, develops in himself
all the virtues that alone entitle him to a union with Ishwara and
finally unites his soul with Ishwara, there is, as it were, a sort
of reaction emanating from Ishwara for the good of humanity; and in
particular cases an impulse is generated in Ishwara to incarnate
for the good of humanity. This is the highest consumation of human
aspiration and endeavour.
Even in the earlier stages of his spiritual life, an aspirant for
the higher life becomes a participator of the grand silent work in
the spiritual enlightenment of his race -- the current of the
living moral and spiritual energy flowing from his heart being his
humble contribution. As he progresses on the path his contribution
increases till by inconceivably arduous tapas [meditation] and
renunciation he succeeds in bringing down the great Ishwara Himself
to do this work. This is one aspect of the doctrine about Avatara.
The subject is a profound one and touches one of the most jealously
guarded secrets of Brahma-Vidya [spiritual wisdom]. If the latter-
day Theosophical teachers had even the faintest idea of the
sanctity and solemnity of the subject, we would have been spared so
much blasphemous talk of preparations for an Avatara and such
flippant prattle about sacred things. We see the wisdom of the
ancients in drawing the veil of secrecy on these high subjects;
for, when sacred things are bandied about light-heartedly,
spiritual degradation is the result."

Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles
   First of all, love truth for its own sake, for otherwise no recognition of
     it will follow.  HP Blavatsky

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