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NY Human Service Alliance (A.R.E.)

Feb 19, 1996 11:47 AM
by John E. Mead

>Any effort to spread the word about the conference described below
>regarding how group service work can be effective would be greatly
>Human Service Alliance
>DATE: Saturday, March 23, 1996
>TIME:10:00 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M.
>LOCATION:The Hotel Beverley, 125 E. 50th St. at Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, New York City
>COST: a $10.00 donation is requested, but not required.
>PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE: Call and write A.R.E.-N.Y at 212-JOY-2415, 531 W. 211th Street #31A, New York, NY 10034-5920.
>This conference is SPONSORED BY The New York Chapter of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
>CONFERENCE PRESENTERS are volunteers of Human Service Alliance, an all- volunteer, no-fee-for-service nonprofit service corporation located in Winston-Salem, NC USA.  This is a professional quality presentation that will
>leave participants inspired and challenged.
>This conference has been presented in London, England and at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland as well as various locations in the USA.
>LOOKING FOR MEANING IN LIFE?  A SENSE OF PURPOSE?  Human Service Alliance (HSA) is a model for members of all-volunteer groups seeking purpose and meaning through selfless service.  HSA provides, solely with volunteers, f
>ull-time care for the terminally ill, health and wellness services, respite care for families with developmentally disabled children, and mediation services-all without charge.  At this all-day seminar, HSA volunteers, wi
>thout compensation and taking time from their jobs and families,  will show how to put love into action through cooperative Group service Work.  COME AND SEE how ordinary people, working together, can achieve extraordinar
>y results!
>In 1994 HSA was chosen by Mosher Productions of Massachusetts to be featured in the first years production of the television series, Visionaries, shown on many PBS stations.  The producer, Bill Mosher, asked the question:
> What is the magic that occurs when one person helps another?  His search led him to consider over seven hundred individuals and organizations world wide and he chose HSA as one of the organizations to be featured in the
>first year along with eleven other.  The documentary reveals how a group of ordinary people can indeed work together and produce extraordinary results.
>Human Service Alliance (HSA) is an experiment in attempting to provide service by a group committed to serving as selflessly as possible. Over the past nine years, the commitment and effectiveness of this group in this "g
>roup work" has increased substantially. One of the main reasons for this is the implementation at HSA of the concept which has become known as the "Totally Responsible Person". With roots in ancient wisdom, its practice a
>t HSA is becoming a  reality. Becoming responsible for every negative emotion, thought, and action allows each individual to modify his/her behavior so that one's ability to serve is maximized and provides a mechanism for
> working effectively in a group of servers. These ideas are shared with all HSA volunteers through individual discussions and day-long presentations. Volunteers who learn how to recognize and eliminate victim behaviors fi
>nd that their energy increases and that they become more effective and creative in serving at HSA. Indeed they begin to provide true service--that service which is the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and an intellig
>ent mind.   The new frontier of service is not so much what we do as it is the commitment and attitude with which we approach it.
>What are some of the greatest barriers that can occur between people when they try to work together? Why is it that so many groups find themselves "bogged down" by the needs and wants of the individuals who make up the gr
>oup? One of the major deterrents to truly cooperative group work is the conscious or unconscious "personal agendas" that each of us brings to everything we do. This seminar addresses how we can learn to work cohesively, p
>roductively, and purposefully with others in a group by leaving our personal agendas at the door.
>For further information about the conference contact Human Service Alliance at 3983 Old Greensboro Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, tel. 910-761-8745, fax 910-722-7882, email:
>For information and to register, call and write A.R.E.-N.Y at
>212-JOY-2415, 531 W. 211th Street #31A, New York, NY 10034-5920.

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