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Re: 3 Protest Unconstitutional Bill

Feb 07, 1996 03:07 PM
by Fredrik Montelius

>Responding to Gregg Bartle
>>>Alexis D.
>>>the adeptii-illuminatii-Masters would be truly agast at the idea of a
>>>police" they stand for illimitable human liberty and as a result of that
>>>liberty illimitable human evolution.

>What doesn't wash much with me, is the idea that HPB had the idea of thought
>police in a fascist sense in her mind.
>"1984" hadn't been written then.
>I can see a need for the *positive* aspect of policing, ie protection, in
>the area of mental and emotional energy, especially as minds get
>stronger and occult knowledge becomes more widespread.
>Legislated controls on advertising are a gesture in this direction.
>The fact that human police forces don't always carry out their protective
>role with wisdom and completeness is not much reason to suspect HPB of
>subscribing to their failings.
>Murray Stentiford
>Member, Theosophy International, TS in New Zealand

Comment intended mainly for Mr Murray Stentiford and Mr Gregg Bartle;
from Fredrik Montelius, Sweden:

A word of thanks to Mr Stentiford regarding my comment on the Masters.
 After, to my best capacity, consulting the writings,
I understand that I have failed to distinguish
between my stating the Masters feeling the need to appoint a *thought
police* and,
 as I SHOULD have written,  a PROPHECY such a thing will once see the light
of day.
Personally, I am not wholly against the idea for the reasons stated by Mr
Stentiford, but my PERSONAL view in this matter
has NOTHING to do with the Theosophical teachings
and should therefore not be mixed with the views of the Masters.
The error is, naturally, all mine.
Fredrik Montelius, Sweden.

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