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Re: Protest Unconstitutional Bill

Feb 07, 1996 08:36 AM
by Gregg Bartle

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996 04:05:23 -0500, alexis dolgorukii <>

>I think theosphists have tolearn to differentiate H.P.B.'s "rages" fro
>things that are important to the study of theosophy

>The Masters tended to be amused by this and let her "get away withit"
>because they loved her and so were willing to put up with her obvious flaws.

>the adeptii-illuminatii-Masters would be truly agast at the idea of a "thought
>police" they stand for illimitable human liberty and as a result of that
>liberty illimitable human evolution.

Sorry, Alexis, but I'm still disturbed. For me, there is a major
disconnect between being amused and being aghast. I'm not aghast at
things that amuse me, and I'm not amused by things that make me
aghast, but then I'm not an adept.

I hope to find out that this attribution of fascist thinking to HPB,
and via her to the Masters, is simply false. Explanations on the lines
of -'well, it might be so, but she probably didn't really mean it, and
the Masters had a good chuckle' - don't wash any dirty linen with me,
in fact they upset me more.

     Peace to all beings -

     Gregg Bartle, member Theosophy International

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