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Re: Protest Unconstitutional Bill

Feb 07, 1996 01:02 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 11:13 PM 2/6/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Fred from ULT Sweden wrote,
>> Almost any Good American would stand up for the rights of the First
>Amendment Right to
>> Freedom of Speech.  This is very understandable. Far too many can testify
>> the pains of restrictions on this freedom, forced by a state upon the
>> individual man. But among all cries for The Individual Rights, often the
>> aspect of Individual Responsibility is forgotten. Did not HPB rage against
>> the media and did she not just hate all the "mental pollution" (my
>> expression) distributed by newspapers (and I am more than certain she would
>> include any other media operating today) saying that journalists were
>> responsible for spreading mental diseases by writing articles in an
>> unresponsible manner, and did she not say that the Masters had said there
>> would some day in an unspecified future be neccesary to appoint an entirely
>> new police force, a "thought police" unit, to defend people against
>> destructive thinking?
>Boy this is a challenging post, and from a fellow ULT associate to boot!
>I am honestly confused by contradicting moral imperatives.
>(1) The Masters teach, and I firmly believe, that to interfere with an
>individual's free will is black magic and produces awful results every time
>for all concerned.
>(2) The Masters also teach us to defend people from unjust attacks, to
>repudiate hypocrisy, to lead clean, pure, giving, honest, compassionate
>How are we to lead pure lives defending people from harm and injustice, and
>yet allow maximum liberty and freedom for each incarnate Monad to grow and
>experience and learn as it sees fit?  What to do when these vehicles of body
>and prana and lower mind just don't behave the way we want them to?
>This is a central legal dilemma in America and in any free nation (Sweden is
>among the freest and most permissive, from what I know).  But beyond the
>merely legal dilemma, what is the moral imperative here?
>Thank you, Fred, for making me and all of us stop and think about these
>important issues.
>Rich Taylor, U.L.T. San Francisco

I think theosphists have tolearn to differentiate H.P.B.'s "rages" fro
things that are important to the study of theosophy. She possessed via her
grandmother an utterly volcanic temper, and when she was really angry she
tended to attribute things and sayings to the Masters that would assuage her
fury. The Masters tended to be amused by this and let her "get away withit"
because they loved her and so were willing to put up with her obvious flaws.
This is readily seen in their writings (I am not referring to those left us
by Bishop Leadbeater but to those which date to H.P.B. lifetime. I am
absoltuely certain, in fact I'd stake my life on it that the
adeptii-illuminatii-Masters would be truly agast at the idea of a "thought
police" they stand for illimitable human liberty and as a result of that
liberty illimitable human evolution.

alexis dolgorukii, member T.I>
aetheling, gad-fly
resident of San Francisco>

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