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Re: Protest Unconstitutional Bill

Feb 05, 1996 05:53 PM
by ti

In message <960206004504_72662.1335_IHD64-1@CompuServe.COM>, Don
DeGracia <> writes
>I am postng this mainly for members of the TS with Web pages.  The U.S. Congress
>has just passed a Bill - the Communications Decency Act (part of the
>Telecommuncations Reform Bill) - which makes it illegal to swear, discuss sex,
>or show pictures of the nude human body on the internet.  This means that the
>content of books such as "Catcher In the Rye" are now illegal on the internet,
>for example.  This very letter is now illegal by Federal Law because I am going
>to say a swear word: shit.  See, this letter is now illegal and I could be put
>in jail for up to 2 years, or pay a fine of $100,000 simply because I said the
>word "shit" in this message.

For what it is worth, I e-mailed the Pres. of the US of A to enquire by
what authority his government could interfere with access to information
on the Internet in England.  I also pointed out that the net being what
it is, anything made unlawful on the Internet in America would simply
export itself to another country, thus rendering the exercise somehwat
futile, and hardly cost-effective, etc., etc.

I doubt he will take any notice, though.  Tell you one thing - he can't
prosecute *me* for saying "shit" - even if he can send you to jail for
reading it!

Alan Bain.

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