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Re: Hilarion to WQ Judge

Jan 20, 1996 12:17 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Thanks for that beautiful quote, Nicholas. It's also real cogent.I printed
it out, because I want to be able to reread it from time to time.>

>In late April of 1887 WQ Judge wrote to HPB in London. His letter must
>have had some note of depression in it. When HPB's response reached
>Judge, he found another letter, from the Adept Hilarion, enclosed. I am
>sure it lifted Judge's spirits -- so also it will inspire us.
>[The following is from a copy which is held in the archives of the
>Theosophical Headquarters at Point Loma and together with the
>heading is reproduced verbatim et literatim.]
>You say you are a "sad case" and yet you have in your heart so
>great a love for humanity and for the individual members of the
>race that you are haunted night and day by thoughts of their
>suffering, ignorance and pain. It is such as you who hold the human
>race from falling into that bottomless pit of emptiness where
>despair is forgotten and where effort is unknown.
>My dear friend, for that you are, being truly the friend of all who
>are looking for the light, do not forget that you are living in a
>very dark and sad Maya of intensely physical life. The whole busy
>continent of America is eaten up by materialism and when an effort
>is made towards psychic life it results only in dragging that
>psychic life into matter where it dies as a volatile gas escapes in
>the hands of one who is not expert. The sadness of this fact colors
>your letter. You know that any school founded amongst you would at
>once become a school of practical magic working in order to produce
>results in matter. This is quite true. The reason is that even
>those who are most in earnest among you have no true psychic
>aspirations. Remedy this in yourself and endeavor to remedy it in
>others by word and example.
>Desire no results which are forms of power. Desire only, in your
>efforts, to reach nearer to the center of life (which is the same
>in the Universe and in yourself) which makes you careless whether
>you are strong or weak, learned or unlearned. It is your divinity;
>it is the divinity we all share. But its existence is not credited
>by those who look only for money or power or success in material
>effort. (I include intellect in matter.)
>Lean I pray you in thought and feeling away from these external
>problems which you have written down in your letter; draw on the
>breath of the great life throbbing in us all and let faith (which
>is unlearned knowledge) carry you through your life as a bird flies
>in the air -- undoubtingly. Only remember one thing -- when once
>you fling yourself on the great life of Nature, the force that
>keeps the world in motion and our pulses beating and which has
>within it, in its heart, a supreme and awful power -- once having
>done that, you can never again claim back your life. You must let
>yourself swing with the motions of the spheres. You must live for
>other men and with them; not for or with yourself. You will do
>this, I am sure.
>[signed with outline of triangle.]
>["Theosophical Forum," Vol. VI #9, May 15, 1935, p. 232]
>Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles
>	"Men must learn to love the truth before they thoroughly believe it."
>		HP Blavatsky

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