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Sidebar to Eldon

Nov 30, 1995 11:33 AM
by RIhle

ET to Ann

Blavatsky would be considered an accepted source of expert
information or advice on the Path and specifically on
Theosophy or those doctrines given us by the Masters.


Eldon we must never throw away this sentence of yours. It brings out into
the open with great clarity the two issues which may have to be dealt with
by The Theosophical Society if it is to have any meaningful presence in the
Twenty-First Century:

1 Either Blavatsky is to be considered an *accepted* source of *expert*
information and/or advice on the Path or she is to be considered a
prodigious source of theosophically-derived information and ideas--some
perhaps valid some perhaps invalid--on a wide variety of things which may
have everything or nothing to do with the "Path."

2 Either the *Theosophical* in The Theosophical Society refers to
*Theosophy* capitalized and defined as the doctrines given us by the Masters
or it refers to *theosophy* uncapitalized and defined epistemologically as a
valid category of knowledge which results from an individual's transcendental
progress toward the One.

Were you merely speaking about your private orientation and definitions
Eldon or were you suggesting that The Theosophical Society is or should be
officially organized according to the options you prefer?

Intention is everything

Richard Ihle

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