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Re: New Inner Group Teachings

Nov 30, 1995 09:03 AM
by MK Ramadoss

Jerry S.

What is the publication you are referring to and who is the
publisher and do you have a tel # or WWW address?


At 045600 PM 11/30/95 -0500 you wrote:
>I have been reading the new Inner Group Teachings 2nd Ed and it is very very
>good thank you Daniel C.. As Dan said it does have more in it than the 1st
>edition. Some of these are "exercises" which seem to incorporate visualization
>and meditation techniques. The book is excellent; a *must* for any serious
>theosophist. ES instructions IV V and VI are included in appendices and the
>introduction includes an interesting history of the inner group. A very
>thorough job.
> Jerry S.

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