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Re: Tuning TI Objects

Nov 30, 1995 03:55 AM
by Coherence

I propose two entirely new objects for this new Association attempting to
find its way. And please note that these two objects which I have formulated
are a direct result of the liberalizing influences that I have felt here on
Theos-L. These two were developed because of the extremely broad spectrum
that exists among Theosophists phers. Since the three objects of the TS
and ULT need reworking in the humble opinion of many why not start fresh?

Here goes:

1 To continuously search for TRUTH

2 To live to benefit all Life and Nature by its discovery.

These are sufficiently broad to encompass the wide variety of viewpoints and
approaches represented here contain no dogma whatsoever start the new
Association in a completely fresh direction are ultimately consistent with
the Unity which exists and Theosophy teaches encompasses the great axiom
"There is No Religion Higher than Truth" and promote right action.

I actually like the objects as they have been re-written but why not take a
different approach to this new Universal organization?

Any Comments?

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