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Sun/Moon polarities

Nov 30, 1995 03:09 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Three people asked about their own but did not say whether to
do it publicly or privately. So I'll post the combinations
but not say whose they are. Also will give HPB HSO the TS
and my own:

Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon a poster
These two earth signs work well together: there is a practical
good fortune about almost everything connected with material
gooods plans for security and making ends more than meet.
The materialism orientation is often emotionally intensely
possessive and stubborn. When routine gets the upper hand in
life a good tie-in with an energizing aspect is needed to keep
growth active. Poster-- maybe the "materialism" reference
can apply at the mental level as in taking things too
literally and wanting to *possess* truth.

Libra Sun/Gemini Moon a poster
Two air signs in trine: the social personality is voluble
expressive articulate. There is an ease about expression and
socializing. An audience is needed and is never displeased!
The romantic dimension may be emphasized. The challenge is to
tie in the ease of expression with a substantive goal and
mission. Poster-- the charm and communication part is right
on but this seems to assume more extraversion than is
necessarily the case.

Pisces Sun/Taurus Moon a poster
In this blend the sensitive intuitive energies gain a secure
structure in reality. There is so much feeling. Aesthetic
helpful involvements communicate the personality to a loving
audience. Romance attracts a deep loyalty. Poster-- how nice
to have Edgar Cayce in your 1/144th of the population.

Leo Sun/Libra Moon HPB
In this blend the self-important energy of Leonine drama
streams sentiment adds attractiveness to the identity. Because
of the keen social awareness and the dependence on society for
recognition passion is softened into sentimentality. Grand
schemes are conceived large social theories appeal and
everything has an optimistic projection. True enough but
without knowing about her Mercury/Mars/Saturn conjunction in
Virgo in the third you wouldn't see how HPB could be a
detailed and encyclopedic writer on a wide variety of topics.

Leo Sun/Scorpio Moon Olcott
Two power-signs struggle to get the message out: "I am a very
deep person reliable and right as right; and you must
recognize that and know how good I am for you!" Excesses of
emotional expression show up as the temperamental trappings for
well-organized personal opinion and bias. Understanding the
motivation for the thrust for power is very important to
success. Wonder about his synastry with Judge.

Scorpio Sun/Leo Moon TS 11/17/1875
With this blend of fixed signs we see fixed opinions fixed
emotions and a strong sense of purpose. The danger is that
the emotional dimension will run away with the personality and
dramatize only a portion of the need spectrum. Sensationalism
always seems to be just around the corner! So much is expected
from others to fulfill the ego's security and love needs; a lot
of energy is used up commandeering others' resources. Hmm.
Makes changing anything major seem Sisyphean.

Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon PJ
This opposition gives tremendous structure to the ego's bid for
fulfillment. This is the blend that depicts life "in the grand
manner." If the emotional component does not run away with the
ambition the material construct can be awesome. If the
emotional side gets the upper hand the structure will probably
fall apart. The ambition to reorganize or reform things
desperately needs a sympathetic audience to develop its
potential. The "grand manner" bit is preposterous in a
material sense; the "desperately" hits *too* close to home.

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