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Re: Thanks for the Help

Nov 26, 1995 08:12 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Mr. Ruben -

I have reviewed my message base and see my following separate
message. You did reply to all my messages and they did arrive. Nothing was
missed at your end.

As explained in the following message my Apologies are due to you.
Please accept my humble apologies.

Keep up the good work.

MK Ramadoss

At 085100 PM 11/26/95 -0500 Mr. Ruben wrote:
>Mr M K Ramadoss
>This is about your concern on theos prompt replies to your messages:
>23 195508 133345 - Re: Info
>23 199508 121627 - Re: Info
>28 199508 092921 - Re: Info
>29 199508 065771 - Re: TPH Catalog
>29 199508 070748 - Re: E-mail address
>29 199508 071049 - Re: E-mail address
>29 199508 132228 - Re: Library Info
>31 199508 072442 - Re: E-mail address for TPH
>1 199509 093906 - Re: E-mail address for TPH
>5 199509 064805 - Re: E-mail address for TPH
>5 199509 080532 - Re: Information
>5 199509 081432 - Re: Newsgroup on TS
>5 199509 083838 - Re: Information
>21 199511 073053 - Re: Attracting Younger Individuals fwd
>Did we miss some of your messages or did you miss some of ours?
>If we did please accept our humble appologies.
>Ruben -
>On 22 199511 M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> I have been on the Internet for a couple of months and it was not
>> till a few weeks ago that I finally located Theos-L. I had a vague
>> recollection that there was a news group on the cyberspace dealing with
>> Theosophy. It was a chance conversation with one of the participants in
>> Theos-L who is a member of TSA that I did find out the specifics of
>> subscribing to the newsgroup. The individual immediately faxed me one page
>> document giving all the information needed to subscribe and I joined you all
>> and I have enjoyed and greatly benefitted.
>> I owe a lot of thanks and gratitude to this individual. No need to
>> mention the good Karma he has earned by doing the good deed.
>> There are two reasons that I am posting this here. Firstly I felt
>> that I should publically acknowledge by debt of gratitute. Secondly to
>> point out that since even I who has been around Theosophy for some time
>> had difficulty in finding out newsgroup info we have to find out a better
>> way for others who may be currently or potentially interested in Theosophy
>> to find out about Theos-L easily and quickly.
>> The second is very important. I sent a e-mail msg in Sep 05
>> 1995 to TSA in Wheaton and either it was not received
>> which I doubt or must have fallen thru the cracks of the administration
>> since I never received any reply. May be a reply was sent and was lost in
>> cyberspace which I highly doubt. This is not a complaint. We may be missing
>> opportunities by not promptly leading inquirers to the right spot in
>> Happy Thanksgiving.
>> ...Doss

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