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RE: Attracting Younger Individuals

Nov 22, 1995 04:46 AM
by Peter Walstra

><Recently Dr. Anton Lysy Director of Olcott Institute visited our lodge
>and I attended one of his lectures. His presentation was excellent and
>was very appreciated by the audience present. What was noticeable was that
>almost all present were around middle age and older and none from the younger
>generation. I have seen a similar situation in some other lodges in this part
>of the country. I do not know if this is peculiar to this part of the country
>or it is generally the case with rest of the lodges. I think we all should put
>our heads together and come up with
>creative ideas to attract younger generation to Theosophy. If not we can see a
>day when most of the current members pass away what may be left will be a
>shell sitting on a lot of money and property and the TPH.
>yberspace being a great equalizer and a place where a lot of younger generation
>browse we may be able to take advantage of their presence in presenting
>Theosophy and make them interested in it. Any ideas? MK Ramadoss >
>Ideas no ... but would it help to know that I am 31 years old? Does that
>qualify as the younger generation? There may be more of us than you think
>particularly with the coming of the new Millenium.

IMHO anyone below 40 can be seen as part of the younger generation considering
the general age of people in theosophical circles I know of. Friends of about
my age 26 sometimes have affinity with theosophy but somehow a theosophical
society is not exactly what they are looking for. Not very suprising because
there is a rather large barrier to take when approaching a small society with
so many older people and with lectures as the default means for communication.
I'm speaking here about things in Holland but it doesn't seem to be much
different elsewhere...

Certainly Internet communication has a lot of potential. We could indeed
be surprised to see the numbers of young individuals with spiritual interests
rising very quickly.

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