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Genetics and Spirituality and BYE

Nov 22, 1995 04:23 AM
by Keith Price

I am sorry if JRC is really going to unsubscribe. I feel that theos-l is not
set in stone but is evolving. If it seems sometimes to focus on historical
details and intense subtle analysis this is because this is what some want at
the time. Other times it seems more flexible and open to almost outright
silliness dribble boxes quiet rooms and other in jokes.

I tend toward intense speculation and have learned to take and enjoy the
comments of most as constructive criticism to bring me back to the "foundations
of occultism" and not as personal attacks. I think RI Leisel Ann and others
have started threads and until further notice if any anyone can add to the
directions of this list. I'm sure there are other places to discuss the hot
topics of the day but not on such a high level as can go on here IMHO.

Bye for now JRC
A case in point is my introduction of genetics. I have thought about this for a
long time but have not allowed the topic really careful thought or criticism.
I think Eldon and others have offered needed differing more traditional
perspective. Also I realize there is the problem as Eldon noticed that the
physical genes carry information more than they CAUSE everything. The genes
seem to be more passive than active really but still have an obvious effect on
the functioning of the physical emotional and intellectual vehicles.

This is one of the themes of Ken Wilber actually He criticizes attempts to
seem quantum indeterminacy as a validation for Hindu and Budhist views about
maya and the illusory nature of reality and the fact that the mind can effect at
a distance the results of a measurement of particle speed or placement. He is
very critical that quantum physics says a lot about physics but very little
about the next step up- biology- much less unltimate spiritual reality. But the
mind is quick to make these assupmtions and jumps between the levels.

Thus genetic research will probably have a lot to say about biological reality
but speculation upon its meaning as causation from below is difficult to prove
especially on the effects on spritual levels.

However it does seem that man is the thinking animal and the spiritual animal
and seems to be born that way. If we didn't have language we would create it
anew. If we didn't have a God or religion we would create it anew wherever or
whenever humans appear.

And on the wild speculative side: I thought I read somewhere that we have five
fingers and in the sixth round we will have six fingers and enlarged craniums
and frail bodies - this seems to be the general description of the aliens known
as the Greys. Are they from globes that are near us occultly but obscured.
Are they sixth rounders? Could we genetically engineer sixth or seventh
rounders? What would we become to them? Are the Masters sixth rounders born


Keith Price

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