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Re: Babies and bathwater

Nov 17, 1995 09:21 PM
by RIhle

In light of letters received yesterday from Pasadena and
Wheaton I have reconsidered my resignations.

I don't know anything about Pasadena but I am very happy that Wheaton sent
you a letter. Many of the best living theosophers can be found right here on
theos-l and it is pretty obvious that you are one of them.

I like to think of a theosopher as a person whose own transcendental progress
has resulted in at least some personal knowledge of certain things otherwise
inaccessible. I like to think of a theosophist as simply someone who studies
and/or believes the knowledge of theosophers. When the latter start letting
the former slip through their fingers without at least a letter or two
organized Theosophy is in BIG trouble. . .

Best wishes

Richard Ihle

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