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Re: Theosophy International

Nov 17, 1995 03:38 PM
by guru

> At 070200 PM 11/16/95 -0500 Dr. A. M. Bain wrote:
> >To so far Liesel Eldon & Rich:
> >

> >There will be no fees no subscriptions although voluntary
> >donations and/or contributions *could* be made to specific
> >projects or even individuals for particular and specified
> >purposes.
> >
> >Alan

> In the present Theos-L forum do not we already have an international
> collection of individuals interested in Theosophia?.

Yes but why keep it there?


> In this forum everyone will welcome any project that support the
> welfare of the humanity and hence details can be posted. However once a
> project is started and if this forum is used as a means raising funds by
> voluntary contributions it brings about a whole new set of questions which
> needs to be carefully looked into. If funds are raised then the question is
> who is going to collect and use the funds? What kind of controls are going
> to be there to make sure that the contributions are indeed spent for the
> project or purpose etc? In money matters generally secrecy slowly creeps in.

Of course you have in the snipped part of your original post
stated the obvious as it applies to we on theos-l.

The questions which bother you do not in the way I envisage it
need looking into at all. If there is a project which a member
wishes to promote why can they not ask for donations to help
fund it. None of us would be obliged to either donate anything
nor not to donate.

Some years ago in Canada I think a local community wanted to
build a new school. A vote was taken to see if the members of
the community a town in this case were willing to accept an
increase in taxes of $n per month to pay for it. When it was
paid for the tax would be abolished and the school would have
been built. They voted yes the school was built and the tax

I think we could support joint projects in this kind of way but
maybe not. It's up to us jointly what we *do*. The main thing
is *no* subs no required dogma. I only mentioned donations as an
idea for members to support theosophical projects where say
one member has time but no money and another the reverse.

Let me put it this way: You have a favorite project you cannot
afford to fund directly. You ask the members for help. They
generously contribute. You receive $$$. You spend it on wine
women and song.

YOU ONLY GET TO DO IT ONCE. I think we call it Karma. :-

If we mean what we say when we subscribe to the objects then we
must surely trust each other if it is going to work? If we
don't and have to set up watchdogs for financially supported
projects then we are a bunch of hypocrites.

A church organisation I was once part of decided to raise funds
for starving Africa. A generous collection was held. Everyone
left the building feeling pretty good most of them ignoring a
homeless beggar asking for help outside the door.

I am no longer part of that organisation nor that church.


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