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Re: Digest Approach

Nov 16, 1995 10:39 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch


You wonder what HPB would do in cyberspace. My guess is that after
she'd quickly telephatically put her writings into archives where we
could retrieve them. Then she would send you a tea cup via the internet
that would precipitate on your computer desk.

Some of the TS organizations do use computers. They just don't get
into our conversations too much.

In retrospect I thought of something that might help you with your
reading. When I started out reading up on Theosophy I complained to
Bill Nicholson who lateron became Chairnman of the Dept. of Ed in
Wheaton that I didn't understand a lot of it. His advice was to keep
on reading because something always sticks. Well it did & through
the years more & more stuck. I still dont understand everything but it
doesn't matter to me anymore. I get out of a piece of writing whatever
I can.

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