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Re: Digest Approach

Nov 16, 1995 09:41 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>Date: 16 199511 233557
>From: M K Ramadoss <>
>Subject: Re: Digest Approach
>At 113900 PM 11/16/95 -0500 you wrote:
>>You wonder what HPB would do in cyberspace. My guess is that after
>>she'd quickly telephatically put her writings into archives where we could
>>them. Then she would send you a tea cup via the internet that would
>>precipitate on your computer desk.
>>Some of the TS organizations do use computers. They just don't get
>>into our conversations too much.
>>In retrospect I thought of something that might help you with your
>>reading. When I started out reading up on Theosophy I complained to
>>Bill Nicholson who lateron became Chairnman of the Dept. of Ed in
>>Wheaton that I didn't understand a lot of it. His advice was to keep
>>on reading because something always sticks. Well it did & through
>>the years more & more stuck. I still dont understand everything but it
>>doesn't matter to me anymore. I get out of a piece of writing whatever
>>I can.
> Liesel:
> Thanks for quick response and it will surely keep the thread going.
I will not be surprised if HPB either physicially or superphysically may
be reading all the messages here. Who knows!
> I have had a lot of opportunity to listen to various lectures from
several well known theosophical lecturers. I still remember years ago when I
was eight or ten years was at Federation Conference with a huge crowd
addressed by an old man who in later years I came to find out to be one of
the International Presidents. As for reading I try. My current work
involves closely working with individuals I am always looking for use of
Theosophical knowledge to help them. Indeed there have been occasions the
info I picked up from Theosophy was very helpful.
> ...Doss

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