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Digest Approach

Nov 16, 1995 02:03 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>Date: 16 199511 162200 -0500
>To: M K Ramadoss <>
>From: John E. Mead
>Subject: Re: hi
>>> At 033000 PM 11/15/95 +0800 Jason Braunstein wrote:
>>>I had been receiving Theos and other TS lists starting with the same
>>>THEOS heading. I unsubscribed because of the large number of
>>>communications: it became a nuisance after a while. Recceiving several
>>>hundred postings over a few days can be daunting. I would not recommend
>>>it to anyone unless they were retired.
>this is a common complaint now. However if you set the mail mode to "digest"
>it gets much more manageable. to do so send to the messages
>set theos-L mail digest
>set theos-buds mail digest
>set theos-roots mail digest
>that helps alot.
>peace -
>john mead
>p.s. please forward to wherever appropriate. :-

Dear Jason

I just received the above message. The digest approach may solve the
problem of large number of messages being received. Please forward the
message to anyone interested in the newsgroup.

In this cyberage with fast world wide communication I am confident
that with the newsgroups and IRCs newer modes of exchange of ideas and
discussions and flow of information may speed up the dissemination and
spread of Theo-Sophia in the most free form.

In the context of the current cyber communication world I wonder
how HPB would have used it if she were here now. One of the interesting
phenomenon is that rarely you find any of the leading figures in
Theosophical Organizations participating in the cyberspace. I do not know if
this is due to the fact that they need to be educated in the use of
computers; most of them grew up in pre computer age.

Would it not be wonderful if we all come up with creative ways to
use the cyberspace to spread Theo-sophia especially to the younger
generation who may not be attracted by the traditional approach?



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