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Nov 16, 1995 00:59 AM
by mauriced

>Paul writes
>"First let
>me say that HPB doesn't use the word Master or Mahatma but
>calls the Sengchen the "Chohan Lama of Shigatse." Which is
>enough for me."
>Why is that enough for you? Do you know what "Chohan" means? Do you know
>what language it is? Why does Chohan = Master of Wisdom in the Theosophical

Beloved All

Chohan means Lord in a particular definition. Even in Theosophical
nomenclature it is utilised in that sense. For instance we have the Chohans
representing the Seven Rays - the Chohan Lord of the First Ray the
Ascended Master El Morya etc. Then of course we have the Mahachohan who
is the "Great Lord" or mentor of the Chohans of the Seven Rays Lords of the
Seven Rays.

Indeed let us define correctly but let us not get ensnared in the trap
of an over indulgence in intellectualisation. This is often the tendency
these days. And the New Age movement unfortunately is full of such. Let us
also remember that Truth is progressively revealed. So no matter what brand
of teaching we adopt or whichever teacher we follow such is not the
ultimate attaining to of Truth. For beloved there really is no ultimate or
final end to Truth. Truth is indeed infinite.


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