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Re: Research

Nov 15, 1995 06:03 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 080500 PM 11/14/95 -0500 you wrote:
>Greetings all!
>Recently announced *Abraxas* titles on theos-news and
>theos-roots are being issued under the aegis of the
>"Theosophical Research Group" unattached but comprised of
>members of the TS in England and soon with overseas members. It
>is a loose grouping dedicated to speculative as well as purely
>historical study without any dogmatic bias and reflecting a
>variety of opinions. To avoid argument and dissension it is not
>tied to any specific Lodge nor does it claim to be an official
>body within the TS - simply a group of Theosophists who wish
>tostudy and publish the fruits of that study. It is in no way
>hostile to but very supportive of the TS and its aims.
>Prefaces by R.A.Gilbert in publications to date are not very
>well disposed towards the Mahatmas as independent entities nor
>towards what he calls "Leadbeater and the Besant/Leadbeater
>However all the personalities are in the past and it is hoped
>that the kind of events that led to so many schisms and personality
>cults in the past will remain safely buried there.
>Because of the fact that the past shapes the future initial
>publications are reproducing some of the scarcer writings which
>highlight the problems of the formative years of the
>Theosophical movement. We have no wish to try to assassinate
>the dead - this is impossible. We do care about the future
>however and we can all learn from the past just as we can all
>learn by sharing our resources.
>If any theos-list subscribers feel they have a useful
>contribution to make we want to hear about it. As time goes
>by we hope to publish booklet or pamphlet length writings from
>the living as well as reprinting the writings of those who have
>gone before.
>Please send E-mail to:

Glad to see the above message. I am sure that at some point the
contributions will be in electronic form and can you consider posting them
here. It will give one more channel for distribution and will save trees
mailing and save money for the readers.

Keep us informed.


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