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Re: blinds

Nov 14, 1995 04:04 PM
by guru

> JHE:
> > Have you given any thought about the
> >eighth sphere doctrine in relationship to the Kabalistic Abyss
> >concept? Any ideas? But alas the eighth sphere is another one
> >of those doctrines that was never developed.
> Not myself. But Kenneth Grant wrote THE
> NIGHTSIDE OF EDEN in which he proposes the theory
> that the shells of the Sephiroth the Qlippoth can be entered
> via what he calls The Tunnels of Set whose entrance is
> somewhere in the Abyss. Alan disputes any substance to
> this and Grant is Outer Head of the OTO in Europe and
> so is a questionable source. But the idea of the "eighth
> sphere" in relation to the Qlippoth is intriguing.
> Jerry S.

Shells are containers like our bodies. That's it. Grant is
mild compared to "The Master Bertiaux" ...

What is this doctrine supposed to be about anyhow? In the Tree
of Jacob's Ladder which I have had endorsed by a latter-day
Jewish 'Hasid as 100% compatible with their version of Kabala
the sephira Daath usually depicted in the center of an Abyss
disappears whenever a [rising] shift in awareness/ consciousness
occurs and becomes the foundation or Yesod of the next level
up. I would guess that this goes way beyond our human
"evolution" - don't like this word as I prefer to think in
terms of "development". Just my 02 pennyworth.

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