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Re: Ken Wilber in QUEST

Nov 14, 1995 04:03 PM
by bbrown

>Dear Doss
>I'm not sure that everyone on this net gets the "Quest". Why don't
>you start a discussion about something you read in it? That'll give
>us something else to talk about.I don't agree
>with you that it's that deep. If most people didn't understand what's
>written they wouldn't want to buy it. Incidentally Our town has an
>esoteric bookstore being a univeristy town. They have the "Quest" on
>their magazine rack. I noticed it just yesterday.
The Wanganui Lodge has been subscribed to Quest for some time and our HQ has
just organised a subscribtion for each Lodge in NZ paid by them so it is
well thought of here. I grab one from time to time but I think this new subs
is addressed to my address so I get to read it first. One of the perks!!! I
photocopied an article in Autumn 1994 on Schizophrenia and the Soul by
Thomas Poplawski. It was very interesting as I have been wondering for some
time about the relationaship between a weakened astral membrane and Schiz. I
have a 33 year old daughter who is highly intellegent but also became schiz
10 years ago. She cannot do much as she seem quite out of this world. She
had made quite a study of Quaballa while at university studying law and used
the gliph to solve life problems with even after she got sick. She got her
law degree but didn't get to use it for long.
I also enjoy the occasional article to do with Rupert Sheldrake that is in
it. I got interested in Quantum Physics by reading the Dance of the Wui Li
Masters and have read other popular style quantum books since. I am
fascinated with the ideas even if I do not quite understand them. I think
the Quest is an excellent mag as it covers so many areas that one would
normally have to read a whole book to find out about. In a busy world it
isn't possible to read all the books so articles are just as good.
Regards Bee>

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