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Re: Don2 Liesel

Nov 13, 1995 08:35 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Wow Don

That's quite a bit of research you present there. It's super.
It goes much further than I thought possible. I think it's wonderful
that you are researching ASC. I understand most of what you wrote
except for a few technical terms. But why do you say
that if I insist that the source is somewhere outside the brain I "shall not
be able to appreciate many things that exist now & many more
that will come."? I didn't mean to imply that brain research isn't
valuable. I think it is . If that's a sample of your work you're doing super
work at the edge of knowledge. That's exactly the kind of work I
think should be done by those who want to live by our 3rd Object &
I'm tickled pink to find someone who's actually doing it. But I think
I can appreciate brain research whether I believe the brain to be
the point of origin or not. Why don't we just agree to disagree &
40 years from now you can come visit me in Devachan & tell me what
else you've found & I'll tell you what else I've found.

Re talk versus experience - I don't think Dora is just talking. Some
of her work is quite objective. What she sees subjectively is
verified ... let's take the early example of X-rays when she was
diagnosing cancer patients. Therapeutic Touch works although there
you can debate why it does. I'm trying to excuse the rest of the
theosopists who talk without knowing. I think
a lot of us know & have observed Dora & what we think we saw might be
conjecture. Some things I experienced with Harry weren't conjecture.
Just for instance one day he started telling me to take a
homeopathic remedy for a heart problem I knew nothing about. So I
made an appointment with my MD & asked him to do a EKG. It showed
that I had a very slight heart murmur. My MD said it was so slight it
would probably never bother me. At the time Harry lived in
Australia & I in New York State. While he was alive I wasn't allowed to
talk about these things. I don't know what other theosophists know or
don't know. I know a few things & I guess I talk about a great many
more. After my experiences with Harry the subject fascinates me.

You make 02 statements towards the end of your 2d post that I very
much agree with.

"The world needs to mix science & occultism." That's what I believe
too. I think the 02 could learn a lot from each other & combined
enrich mankind. I think this is beginning to happen. I just read
"Turbulent Mirror" re chaos theory a few months ago & was
enchanted by how much the 02 views were blending. I think I would
call it "esoteric knowledge" rather than "Occultism" because the latter
considers itself a science.

As for theosopohy I too "want to see it updated & survive into the
future". Keith had some good thoughts on that yesterday.

Thanks for your messages. They were very welcome.



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