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Don2 Liesel

Nov 12, 1995 01:31 PM
by Don DeGracia

Hi Liesel:

<I still think layman's opinion the the changes in the brain are
due to the altered states that they bring about the changes & not
vice versa.>

Well I don't have the time or energy to convince you otherwise Liesel.
However by failing to appreciate what I am saying you shall not be able to
appreciate many things that exist now and many more things that will come.

< your statement that science has "temporary notions" is new
to me... welcome news.>

One of my loves is to study the history of science. Believe me the ideas

< I wonder whether you disagree
with "as aboive so below">

Yes I agree with this notion very much. It has become an accepted scientific
and mathematical idea in the past two decades having returned under the name
"fractal geometry".

<I didn't know that the uncertainty principle came from a mathematical
idea...I need a translation>

Yes many lay people do not know this. It is one of the inner "secrets" of
physics. Actually it is a technical detail when one learns quantum mechanics.
The point of mentioning that the uncertainty principle is deerived from a
mathematical statement is to point out that such mathematical statements are
open to many interpretations. The uncertainty principle as it is presently
interpreted has much practical use but from a philosophical view it os only
one of several possible interpretations.

<So why shouldn't someone take chances to explore
with LSD? I just would rather not know about it.>

Thanks for not being judgemental. Different strokes for different folks.

<All you yourself can perceive is that LSD changes the brain. Have you
ever asked a competent clairvoyant whether it also changes the aura?>

This is a very good question. I am sure that LSD would change the aura but I
am not aware if a clairvoyant has observed this.

< Did
you ever look at the pictures in Dora Kunz's "The Personal Aura"? The
thing is that if you're clairvoyant audient or etc. you can perceive
& study scientifically things that ordinary people can't>

I am very familair with Dora Kunz's work as with her predecessors Geoffry
Hodson and C.W. Leadbeater.

You are also correct about clairvoyants being able to study things that ordinary
people cannot. This issue of the nature of claivoyant perceptions is something
I am very interested in both from an occult and a scientific viewpoint.

<but I really don't think it's all simply dogma & talk.>

No neither do I Liesel. I hope you appreciate that I play the devil's
advocate very strongly. On the otherhand many people do talk much more than
their personal experience merits.

<if you
can get hold of more than 01 efficient clairvoyant you can see
where their perception overlaps or doesn't. >

This is precisely the kind of work that needs to be done. Besant and Leadbeater
did it in their day but their work needs to be verified and extended upon.

< I have seen people
in the last stages of Altzheimer's. I still tried to treat them with
the love & respect I think is due from 01 human being to anothe>

That is right. Such people definately deserve such treatment as do their
families. Such circumstances are extremely trying for all involved.

< They may be smug but Don I don't think
they're uncaring>

I would have to suggest the two go hand in hand. True understand brings with it
compassion and humility.

< But Don
I really think that *you're* the one demonstrating "Kastengeist" boxed in
spirit by not dreaming that there might be something more. it isn't
all stupid dogma.>

Again Liesel let me assure you that I don't believe this either. Like you I
accept that transcentendal realities exist. I have percieve them. I know they
exist. So it is not even in question in my mind. Where the problem lies
again is in the issue of talk verses experience. When you percieve and feel
the presence of God it is much different than our ideas of what God is.
Christianity for example was always embarassed by its mystics. God far
transcends any ideas about the nature of God. When ideas prevent a person from
experiencing God directly then the ideas are not worth keeping around. This is
the nature of dogma and the unthinking acceptance of ideas. Religion is
ironically the worst offender of all.

< I don't understand that
you can't see it since you talk about astral travel & clairvoyant
magnifying & LSD trips.>

I do see it. I just try to help others see it by helping them to liberate their
minds. For some people this strategy works for others it is inappropriate.
Furthermore since I have seen these realities I have seen how poor words are
at capturing the essence of these realities.

Nonetheless this is all very tricky business because each of us unfolds in our
own way and by our own internal schedule. I fully recognize that what I say may
be inappropriate for where other people are at. On the other hand what I say
is appropriate for some people. And what I say also reflects where I am at.
None of this is simple. Understanding means appreciating the complexity of
life. Appreciation goes hand in hand with sensitivity. Dogmatically clinging
to ideas is essential at a certain stage of intellecual growth. However as
with training wheels on a bike we eventually can outgrow the need to cling to
ideas and learn to be more flexible with our minds and with this flexibility
comes heightened perception and heightened sensitivity. But it all goes in
stages and different people are at different stages.

My personal sense is that the world on average is at a different stage now.
It needs to mix science and occultsim. Maybe 100 years ago they could stand in
contrast if not be antagonistic to one another. Needs are different today.

<And let me tell you over the years I've found that the theosophical
model often turns out to be correct. >

It is a very powerful model. I want to see if updated and survive into the
future and do more than survive but gain the intellectual respect it deserves.

I'll close now.

My best wishes


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